Virtual Assistant Services

Byford VA Services are Virtual Assistant Services who work with small businesses, freelancers and busy consultants on an ad hoc or permanent  basis. We undertake tasks that they either don’t know how to do or just simply don’t have the time to do. If they outsource their time consuming administration to us, that frees them up to get on with running their core business, bringing in new clients and making money. If a client charges more per hour than we do, then they make money simply by passing on these routine tasks to me rather than spending their own time completing them.

Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual PA Services

Byford VA Services assist businesses in numerous ways, listed below are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Creating, updating and maintaining databases (For example, do you have customer contact details that need to be organized into a useable mailing list?)
  • Data entry (eg collating business cards into an Excel sheet)
  • Typing up notes/meeting minutes and proof reading (just scan them in and email them over to us and we will send you them back in a formatted, easy to read and understand word document)
  • Transcription (We offer audio transcription, just send us the link or document with your audio material on and we will send the transcription back to you in Microsoft Word format)
  • Letter writing
  • Creating/editing templates and guides
  • Email management (organisation labels or folders)
  • Creating and maintaining filing systems (or organising your existing ones)
  • Invoicing and credit control (whether it is sending invoices or working out for you a breakdown of your companies debt)
  • Basic bookkeeping (We can make that folder of receipts and invoices into a nice neat Excel spreadsheet which breaks down your business income and expenditure)
  • Record financial transactions
  • Document and file receipts
  • We have experience with using Sage Instant Accounts, so if you need your business setting up on Sage or just updating your receipts and payments or customers and suppliers, we can assist with that too.

Virtual Administrative Support

This is by no means an exhaustive list of our services and my services are very client dependent, as they will vary from business to business, so please contact us if you would like to discuss something that we may be able to do for you. We offer a free initial 1 hour consultation to discuss your needs and if there is something we cannot help with, we may be able to recommend someone who can.


Call Natasha on 07940223200 or Danielle on 07984933533 or send us an email at to arrange a free 1 hour complimentary consultation to discuss how we may be able to assist you.