My WordPress Experience

wordpress website design

Once I had decided that I wanted to start my own business and become a Virtual Assistant in order to help other business owners, using the skills I had gained over the time of my employment in a busy veterinary practice, I knew there were a few things that I would need.

Firstly, a website, this was a slightly daunting thought as I had no experience whatsoever in the world of web design. So where did I start? I had a look online at other websites of businesses that did a similar thing as me, I worked out what I liked about them and slowly ideas started to form in my head about what I wanted from a website and more importantly, what my clients would be looking for in my website. Then I had a chat with a friend when she recommended Abbie Thoms of Polyspiral. I considered the cost of letting a professional web designer design me what I’m sure would have been a perfect website, but with being a start up business – finances were tight. I then discovered that Abbie ran a WordPress workshop for beginners aimed at people who weren’t sure whether or not a WordPress website was right for them or for people who already had a WordPress website but wanted to improve it and gain more confidence when using it.

I attended this workshop, as a one to one rather than group workshop in the end, and I can honestly say that it was the best thing I have done for my business to date. I had heard that a website like Wix was very simple to set up, mostly just clicking and dragging in things to complete your website. But after reading very briefly into SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), I understood that Google favoured WordPress websites and the idea of a workshop with a real person rather than reading it online and trying to work through it by myself sounded brilliant. The workshop certainly didn’t disappoint – Abbie was fabulous, she was very kind and immediately made me feel at ease, explaining WordPress to me step by step in understandable (not too technical) language which was fantastic.

I then went home and got to work. After all the worries I had about making a website, complete with my newly learnt knowledge, it was actually fairly easy. I had already written out a rough idea of my website content on a Word document so this was easy enough to copy and paste into WordPress and edit once in there. I found WordPress easy to navigate, adding and editing certain pages and adding images was very simple to do. So all in all, my opinion of WordPress is brilliant – it was easy to set up and navigate around, add my text and images, edit the page as I wished. So from one beginner to another – if you are just starting out and need a basic website, I would highly recommend it.