Eight benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

There are numerous benefits to hiring a good Virtual Assistant (VA). For busy business owners, freelancers, consultants and many others, a Virtual Assistant can be an integral part of their business. Below are eight benefits of hiring a VA that I wanted to share with you.

1. It saves you time

The first of a multitude of benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant is the amount of time it saves business owners. Busy business owners can outsource time consuming administration tasks, which were perhaps taking over evenings and weekends, to a Virtual Assistant. Outsourcing these time consuming tasks leaves business owners free to focus on gaining more clients, giving an even better service to existing clients, taking on more work, spending more time with their family or whatever it is they wish to use this extra time to do.

2. It saves you money

In a nutshell, hiring a Virtual Assistant saves you money if you earn more per hour than they do. You don’t pay a VA for lunch breaks or holidays – you only pay for the time they have actually spent working on your business. Often a Virtual Assistant can complete administration tasks faster than the average business owner would be able to as administration is our speciality. Therefore if a Virtual Assistant can complete your admin tasks in less time than you could and in that time you could have taken on another client or completed another job then you are saving money by getting your VA to do your admin rather than do it yourself.

3. Your business runs more smoothly

This could be due to the fact that your Virtual Assistant has organised and streamlined your systems to ensure maximum productivity. It may be your Virtual Assistant has organised your email inbox, so instead of logging in and having to sift through 50 emails to find the important ones, there are only important ones in your inbox awaiting your response, or if preferred your Virtual Assistant could reply on your behalf. You could have your Virtual Assistant complete follow ups for you or you may find as you are spending less time completing admin you have more time to complete follow ups and respond to clients. Either way, if response times to clients are quick and follow ups are completed in a timely manner and you are generally more on top of your work load, this can only have a positive impact on your business.

4. They can do the tasks that you don’t want to do/don’t know how to do

If you hate updating spreadsheets, sorting through emails, writing invoices or (insert administration task you dislike doing here) then why not just get your Virtual Assistant to do it for you. The beauty of owning your own business is that you don’t have to do everything, it is okay to outsource. Additionally if there are tasks that you don’t know how to do and don’t really need or want to learn to do, then you could pass it on to your Virtual Assistant to complete for you.

5. It looks more professional

If you are a freelancer it can often be helpful having an assistant, especially a virtual one if you work from home. It is always nice to use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ when talking about your business and giving the impression that you have a team behind you. Not that there is anything wrong with being a one man (or woman) band of course! If you hire a Virtual Assistant then you will have a helping hand to support you, you can pass things on to your assistant and clients could come through to your assistant depending on how you want your business to run.

6. You are less stressed

Hiring a Virtual Assistant to help out when things get busy can often alleviate stresses that build up just thinking about the sheer amount of work you have to get done and the mountain of paperwork that is stacking up. A Virtual Assistant can take over the administration side of things to ensure that you have enough time to be able to complete your work load, rather than having an unmanageable amount of work to get done, they can even help you plan out what needs to be done by what deadline and help you stick to your plan, remind you of meetings, deadlines and any other details you need to know.

7. They can keep your finances up to date

If your Virtual Assistant is keeping your finances in order then you can rest assured that your invoices are being sent on time and any late payments will be flagged up and chased. They can keep on top of all the purchase invoices and expenses and ensure suppliers are paid on time or let you know what needs to be paid and when. Subsequently taking a weight off your mind, as you know that all the paperwork is filed, up to date, easily accessible and in order when it comes to filling out forms for the tax man.

8. They may have extra knowledge or ideas about your business

A Virtual Assistant will have years of experience in administration and sometimes in niche areas alongside this, so they can often help solve problems, streamline your processes and become an indispensable asset to your businesses. A Virtual Assistant usually works with numerous business owners so can be an excellent sounding board or someone to brainstorm ideas with and may have ideas about your business that you hadn’t thought of.

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